WiFi on Flagship Buses

The idea of making wireless Internet access available on commuter systems is obviously appealing to many, bringing better communication and the possibility of work productivity to what was historically regarded as time when you couldn’t do much more than read the paper. Like putting Wi-Fi into libraries and schools, adding Internet access to transportation seemed like the next step in civic services, with many cities and municipalities announcing project plans during the past decade.

Using your Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a laptop, PDA, or cell phone, you’re able to send e-mail and surf the Web from the comfort of your seat while you travel.

Wi-Fi Usage Policy

Flagship provides free on-board Wi-Fi service on our buses. Customers who use this service are required to do so in a responsible manner. By using Flagship’s Wi-Fi service you are agreeing that you will not use this service to violate any applicable law or regulation, and further agreeing not to:

  • Send, receive, or open material displaying text or graphics which may be reasonably construed as offensive, indecent, or objectionable, including pornographic or sexually explicit material
  • Attempt to access or modify files, passwords or data belonging to others or to seek unauthorized access to any computer system or to alter, or damage software components
  • Engage in unauthorized copying of copyrighted and/or licensed software, data, audio or video web content
  • View or listen to loud content; the use of earbuds/headphones is encouraged

Flagship’s Wi-Fi service is not password protected and offers no security features. Users of Flagship’s Wi-Fi service assume all risks associated with the use of this service and should refrain from transmitting security-sensitive personal information. Flagship is not responsible for any loss of information or security breach resulting from the use of this service.

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