Safety Features

Safety features & DOD Certification

As of 2011 we have maintained a # 1 rating. This certification is awarded to motorcoach carriers whose motorcoaches meet or exceed the most rigid safety requirements in the country. This distinction is held by fewer than ten percent of all motorcoach carriers in the United States. Another great feature is the Voyager Onboard GPS tracking system, which allows us the option of monitoring the location of the bus at all times via the internet.
As an additional safety feature, the Drive Cam Security System records and stores certain vehicle motions and movements until the engines come to a stop. Add to all this over 25 years of experience, 24 hour reliable dispatch service and you can feel confident and secure you have selected the very best!


First Aid & CPR Certification

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, pediatric first aid is the immediate care given to a suddenly ill or injured person until the responsibility for the medical condition, and effort to prevent it from becoming worse, can be taken over by a medical professional, parent, or legal guardian. It does not take the place of proper medical treatment. Here at Flagship. Getting certified in First Aid and CPR is about much more than just satisfying the requirements of an employer. Aside from this, it provides our employees with the ability to save lives, the empowerment they need to jump into action when necessary, and the ability to use an AED should the situation arise. Our employees are understanding of how it works by having quality training with a professional certified First Aid and CPR training instructor from Certified Rescue Courses. Certified Rescue Courses has been providing professional, easy-to-learn in CPR and First Aid training courses to businesses of all types throughout southern New England for over 40 years. Therefore, whatever your next event and transportation needs, you can sit back and relax. Flagship will deliver safety and professionalism to you. Being CPR certified is not only impressing our customers, but the ability to save a life when the time comes is very important to us, and it makes a huge difference in the lives of both the certification holders and those whose lives are saved.
At Flagship Trailways we are committed to making safety a top priority; we begin by expertly maintaining our coaches in our modern facilities by our certified mechanics. Flagship Trailways is a Department of Defense Certified Charter Operator, partnering with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Defense to insure passenger safety and security.