Myrtle Beach South Carolina

It’s a rarity these days that you find someone who provides excellent customer service and goes above and beyond what their job calls for so when I do find it I like to give credit where credit is due.
I returned on Saturday, September 18th from a week long bus trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We had the pleasure of having Don Hughes out of Cranston RI for our bus driver.

Throughout the trip Don was very accommodating to all of us. We even had an issue with one of our reservations and he was there to help resolve it along with the trip coordinator.

There were a lot of elderly people in our tour group as well and he was beyond helpful to each and every one of them. They absolutely adored him.

His overall personality coupled with the excellent ability to drive that monstrous bus was amazing and you should be proud to have him as an employee so thank you for a great trip and I would be more than pleased to travel with you again if all of your drivers are that good.


Stacy Destremps & family
Cranston, RI