FLAGSHIP Clean Bus Certified ✓

Customer’s healthy and safe travel is our first priority!!

As we confront with this Pandemic, we would like to inform our customers about how we take care of the situation around COVID-19 EVOLVES. FLAGSHIP Clean Bus Certified can ensure your health and safety throughout your trip.


All charter buses are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected by using EPA-approved chemicals with following CDC guidelines before each departure and throughout the trip.

  • Applied cleaning product (BruTab S6) with special attention on high-touch areas such as door handles (exterior and interior), handrails, parcel rack, armrests and seatbelt buckle
  • With electrostatic spray technology, we ensure that cleaning products are applied effectively
  • For your added protection, all vehicles have been sealed with a state of the art product that kills all germs, bacteria & viruses on contact
  • Our drivers have been trained to clean high-touch areas, driver’s compartment and vehicle’s lavatory as needed throughout the trip


Flagship has developed the following COVID-19 protocols for the safety of our passengers and employees while traveling:

  • Passengers are required to wear a face mask while boarding and exiting the bus
  • We strongly encourage passengers to wear a face mask while traveling for their safety and the safety of those around them
  • While on the bus fresh air will be continuously circulating
  • Our employees have been issued PPE, including face masks and hand sanitizer, to follow the CDC recommendations
  • There are capacity restrictions for transportation companies including buses, trains and airplanes


As we look ahead to traveling again, FLAGSHIP provides many features for added confidence.

  • We continue to follow the guidance provided by industry experts as well as the CDC and local governments as it develops.
  • FLAGSHIP has made and will commit to make significant investments in cleaning products and equipments, also other protections to safeguard our valued customers and employees
  • Our drivers, technicians, cleaners, and staff have been trained in industry- leading best practices to keep passengers safe, including new procedures for handling baggage, changes to boarding processes, and procedures for maintaining vehicle cleanliness throughout the trip

FLAGSHIP will adapt other measures recommended by the CDC throughout all vehicles, such as enhanced cleaning and sanitization, you can be confident choosing FLAGSHIP for your future transportation.